What affects my mood? Track It! adds correlation analysis

Track It! is a free application to help track aspects of your life. We’re using it for the World Happiness Survey to help learn what affects people’s moods.

If you’re tracking more than one thing, you can now use the correlation analysis feature to see how they affect each other. For instance, if you’re tracking your mood and your hours of sleep, you can click on the analysis to see how much one affects the other.

Track It! Correlation Analysis

The number of days tells you how long until it has an effect. A positive number means it has a positive effect: if one goes up the other tends to go up. Negative numbers mean an inverse relationship.

So in the example above, sleep generally has a positive impact on mood, however, alcohol, with a two day delay, has a negative effect.

You can also apply these in reverse, to see if mood has an effect on sleep, and alcohol consumption.

This is our first pass at correlation analysis, so any feedback is welcome. We hope to improve the results after consulting further with our local statistician – and hope to highlight correlations that are significant and not just the result of random noise.

If you have any queries about this new feature, or have any interesting correlations to discuss, please feel free to contact us

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