Audio Tuner 0.8 released

Baritone Ukulele
I’m pleased to announce the release of Audio Tuner version 0.8. Main changes in this version are:

  • automatically pick the note being tuned
  • remember the last note tuned
  • baritone ukulele tuning added

Automatically pick the note being tuned
A number of people have requested this, so now you can try it out.

When the software detects a pitch for more than a couple of seconds, it will move to the nearest note in the selected instrument. So if your instrument isn’t way out of tune then this should save you the time of having to manually change notes each time.

The software also gives a quick beep when it changes notes, so this provides you with a truly hands free instrument tuner.

This turned out to require a bit of tweaking to get working, main factors being

  • ignoring signals considered too soft, and
  • ignoring harmonics,

so if it doesn’t work properly for you, or you have suggestions for improving the algorithm, please let me know

Any other feedback is of course welcomed.

Audio Tuner Mobile Users
If you’re using Audio Tuner Mobile, then you’ll be thinking that these hands-free improvements would be especially handy (or should that be unhandy?)

Once any problems have been ironed out of the PC version, expect these to be implemented on the mobile version.

More Information
All details about the software, including download links, are available here.

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