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Individuals and businesses can offset their greenhouse gas emissions by paying a company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere.

The offsetting company first helps you determine how much carbon you are emitting. This is then translated to a fee, which you pay the offsetting company. This company then uses the money to pay for projects that reduce carbon emissions by this amount.

Currently, it is practically impossible to live in the Western world without emitting a significant amount of carbon. This is a great way to help offset that.

Carbon neutral companies

Some companies have gone carbon neutral. This is great news. Companies can have a much greater impact on the environment, so if you have the choice, choose the company that's being responsible environmentally.

If you want to make an ethical choice, check out carbon neutral companies.

Going carbon neutral

In Australia, we recommend Easy Being Green


It hides the unsustainability of our lifestyle

Yes. Going carbon neutral doesn't solve the problem. But it does help.

Carbon offsets projects remove the carbon too slowly

Yes, this is also valid. Trees, for instance, take many years to suck back in the carbon dioxide. But it is a step in the right direction. The world needs all the help it can get.

Carbon neutral companies are unregulated

If you're in Australia, make sure you pick a company that is accredited with the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO). One such company is Easy Being Green