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MemShot is an easy to use memorization system based on Flashcards and Spaced Repetition.

Turbocharge your learning with Supernifty's free learning software. Great for memorising:

  • new languages;
  • facts and figures;
  • names and faces;
  • stuff for exams; and
  • anything else you have trouble remembering!

MemShot can greatly reduce the amount of effort required to memorize new facts.

A MemShot Practice Session

What is Spaced Repetition?

Spaced Repetition is a system used in conjunction with Flashcards for learning and retaining information. Spaced Repetition attempts to optimize how often a fact needs to be reviewed.

If a fact is not reviewed soon enough, it will be forgotten and must be relearned. This results in lots of wasted time. Conversely, if a fact is reviewed too often, although committed to memory, there is the wasted effort of continuing to review a fact.

Many Flashcard based systems recommend Spaced Repetition, however it is time-consuming and error-prone to manage review times manually - better to allow software to manage it for you.

The world memory champion Dominic O'Brien uses a spaced repetition review system based on review periods of 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months.

If you want a simple, free and easy to use spaced repetition system to help you remember those important facts, try MemShot.

MemShot Features

Essential features of Supernifty's MemShot:

  • Free;
  • Simple;
  • Easy to use;
  • Online, practice anywhere

Keep track of your progress with MemShot

More useful features of MemShot:

  • Share your learning sets;
  • Export your learning sets;
  • Import learning sets;
  • Track your progress;
  • Get email reminders to keep yourself on track.

Easily see which items are causing you trouble

MemShot is being actively developed - there's so much more to come! If you'd like to see a feature, just let us know.

Try MemShot


Adding Items

Add a new item using the add new item box.

Multiple Items If you want to add a large number of items, use file upload. The file must be in CSV format. Most spreadsheet software can export as CSV.

  • The first column must be the question, the second column must be the answer.


If you have suggestions or problems, please contact us

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