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Climate Prediction

Friday, June 29th, 2007

climateprediction.netClimate change is a complicated science. Predicting how much things might change is difficult. This is referred to as “sensitivity” in the business and is crucial to how we respond to the issue of climate change.

After all, if the climate changes only marginally to increased greenhouse gases – say less than 2 degrees – then perhaps we are over-reacting. But if the climate changes by a lot, then we should be pulling out all the stops to avoid catastrophe. is a distributed software application that uses many computers to do climate modelling. You can sign up your computer to help the scientists run their modelling software. Any spare CPU cycles on your computer can be dedicated to helping predict climate change.

It doesn’t cost anything, you just have to install some software, and it all happens in the background. Your contribution is recorded on a leaderboard, and you can also check out which countries are helping the most. They also have teams. If you don’t have a team, join the super nifty team!

So sign-up at and help save the world. And get a cool screen saver.

Join Al Gore’s army

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Lego SubdivisionAl Gore will be travelling to Australia in September to personally train 170 people to deliver a version of his now famous slide presentation featured in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The training will be held in Melbourne between 21st-23rd September 2007.

Applications close at 9am, Friday 13th July. To apply, or for further details, visit the ACF Website.

Al Gore is a busy man, also being involved in the organisation of Live Earth on July 7.

Garrett Recession

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Shame on you, Peter GarrettThis is a few days old, but the guy in charge of Australia, John Howard, warned that if we pursued the climate change targets recommended by the Stern Review and adopted by Europe, then we’d be risking a Garrett Recession, Peter Garrett being the Opposition Environment Minister.

Looks like there are a slew of countries heading for a recession.

In the Guide to talking to a climate change skeptic, arguments are rated on their level of sophistication. This one rates as silly.

The world’s best research indicates that the cost of inaction is much greater than that of action. The most well known is the Stern Review.

World Environment Day

Monday, June 4th, 2007

It’s world environment day on Tuesday. This day is sponsored by the UN and is to help raise awareness of environmental issues.

In Australia, is arranging activities.