World Happiness Survey

HappinessWe are running a World Happiness Survey, by collecting people’s moods across the Earth. The goal of this is to learn more about people’s moods and happiness levels.

To participate, enter how happy you are feeling each day. Compare your mood to the world, your country, your age group, and more! We also analyse your mood for cycles. Predict your mood swings, and take action to reduce the damage, for instance by locking yourself in your room and eating only chocolate.

Add our mood widget to your blog to show how you’re feeling, like on the Supernifty Blog. If you use iGoogle, then install the Happiness Survey Google Gadget, which lets you quickly update.

If you’d like to help out, then sign up here! It’s free, and you might learn something new about yourself. It might even make you a happier person!

Alternatively, learn more about the Happiness Survey. The idea in part comes from this Buddhist oriented happiness book, which as a first step suggests identifying the causes of unhappiness. This survey tries to help with that.

The Happiness Survey is run by Track It!, a free application with which you can track anything you like, as well as your mood. Daily exercise, chocolate intake, etc. Set goals and see how you are faring. Try it out!

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