Happy Cycles

happy cycleI’m pleased to announce that the World Happiness Survey (and Track It!) now has the ability to analyze your mood for cycles.

There are many repeating cycles in our world, some man-made, such as the working week, others natural, such as the cycle of the moon and the passing of the seasons.

I think the biorhythm theory is very interesting, but flawed. I think many of us do work in cycles, our own unique cycles, not some standard 23/28/33 day get up proposed by biorhythms. But our cycles are too long for us to notice.

Mood AnalysisWith our mood survey, you can test this theory. As you enter your daily mood, Supernifty will analyze your mood for cycles. Check out the example on the right.

To analyze your mood, from the main page click on “My mood”. You’ll get a frequency analysis, with your top 3 cycles.

Frequency analysis can only find cycles up to half the number of days you’ve entered moods for. So if you’ve entered four weeks of moods, you’ll get cycles up to two weeks long. The more data, the more accuracy. So enter those moods!

With frequency analysis, this enables us to pursue our next goal, mood prediction. I’m looking forward to my computer telling me, “Tomorrow, you will feel great!”. Ha ha!

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey wow, the analysis capability is fantastic. I’m also looking forward to the graphs being able to anticipate how my mood will go. It will be interesting what kind of cycles emerge.

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