MediaWiki, CMS and SEO #1 – META tags

Supernifty uses MediaWiki as its CMS. There are many advantages to this arrangement, mainly the simplicity of use, and the advantage of a familiar Wikipedia style interface for users.

However, there are disadvantages. One being that there is no way to include custom meta tags in your wiki pages. Also, there appears to be no way to make the title that appears in the title bar different to the heading that appears at the top of the page.

META tags: All the SEO guides mention them. Although historically they were quite important, their relevance now is debatable. But, you never know. Some search engines still look at them, in particular, the description meta tag.

Title tag: Search engines look at this. So, you want a descriptive title, but not necessarily a huge headline on your page. By default, in MediaWiki the title in the title bar is the same as the title on the page, and the title in your URL. Bummer.

A MediaWiki extension was written to address this problem. Install this extension, and you can set:

  • Any meta tag
  • A different title on the title bar (for the search engines) to the one that appears on your wiki page (and wiki URL).


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