Take regular breaks from work with this iGoogle gadget

Maintain your work balance
It’s fairly well known that long stretches at the computer without taking a break are unhealthy and often unproductive.

If you’d like something to remind you to take a break from work, and you use iGoogle, then try this work balance timer.

It’s a simple, free, customisable tool that counts down a specified number of minutes, then warns you when it is time to rest. It also informs you when it is time to start working again (d’oh!).

If you don’t use iGoogle, you should consider it as your home page. There are thousands of applications that you can install on your browser, which you can then conveniently access from any computer.

One Response to “Take regular breaks from work with this iGoogle gadget”

  1. Marty says:

    I tried your Google Work Balance Timer but the sound does not seem to work. Also, it would be neat to create a loop which would allow it to sound every x minutes. I wanted to use it as a “bring me back to the moment” reminder that could be set to buzz every 30 minutes.


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