Announcing Time It! – a free online time tracker

Online time tracking with charts

I’m pleased to announce Time It!, a free online time tracker.

Time It! is ideal for recording how you spend your time.
If you:

  • Need accurate timekeeping for your consulting or contracting business
  • Are project managing and need a breakdown of time expenditure on different tasks
  • Feel the need to see what you spend your time doing each day in a bid to improve productivity

Then Time It! may be the ticket.

Time It! provides:

  • a simple, effective interface for entering tasks
  • a stopwatch to keep track of your tasks automatically
  • powerful filtering and charting: time breakdown over any time period; a daily report of your booked time
  • simple editing of your entries
  • download your times as a CSV file, suitable for spreadsheets

Try it out – it’s free and simple. I use it every day to keep track of my many exciting projects.

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