Audio Tuner Mobile 0.6 released

Tune your instrument, while mobile

Supernifty has released a new version of Audio Tuner Mobile.

Audio Tuner Mobile enables you to tune your musical instrument to pitch perfection using your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC.

Changes in this update:

Better support for crash diagnostics – in the past, a crash resulted in the application instantly disappearing without a trace. Somewhat unhelpful.

In most circumstances, this should no longer happen. You should now get a readable crash report. It would cause me no end of joy if you would forward this to me.

The crash report is also saved to “error.log” under “Program Files/Audio Tuner”, if you miss the message box.

Remember the last tuned note – saves you from having to select the first note every time.

Feel free to pass on any feedback about the software. Problems, suggestions and comments are welcomed.

For further details, including downloads, phone compatibility and tutorials, visit the Audio Tuner Mobile Homepage.

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