Audio Tuner Mobile 0.7 – crashes for Europeans and South Americans – eliminated!

Your mobile instrument tuner

Supernifty has released version 0.7 of Audio Tuner Mobile.

Audio Tuner Mobile enables you to tune your musical instrument to pitch perfection using your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC.

If you live in a country that uses “,” as its decimal separator… i.e. most of Europe, South America and a bunch of other countries, you may have encountered a problem with Audio Tuner Mobile crashing for specific notes.

This has been fixed. Hurrah!

Turns out decimal points were not being properly dealt with and this was causing the program to crash for specific notes.

I’m so glad to have finally gotten to the bottom of this issue. I hadn’t been able to replicate this in my own “.” based world.

If you have problems, suggestions, feedback or unrelenting praise, please contact me.

For further details, including downloads, phone compatibility and tutorials, visit the Audio Tuner Mobile Homepage.

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