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Audio Tuner Mobile 0.8 released

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Windows mobile instrument tuner
I’m pleased to announce the release of Audio Tuner Mobile 0.8.

Audio Tuner Mobile is a musical instrument tuner that runs on most Windows Mobile devices, including Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

The software actively tunes your instrument by providing feedback as you play the notes, and many instruments are covered: guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello and autoharp.

This release fixes a number of important issues related to landscape mobile phones, and adds a number of new tunings for the ukulele.

A summary of the main changes:

The new ukulele tunings:

  • D tuning: A D F# B
  • D tuning with low A
  • G tuning: D G B E

Feedback is welcomed.

For further details, including downloads, phone compatibility and tutorials, visit the Audio Tuner Mobile Homepage

Alexa in a nutshell – what’s your world website ranking?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Alexa gives your website a world rankingAlexa is a company that provides a world ranking for all websites on the Internet.

I love this idea.

When I played a lot of tennis I often wished that I could have a world tennis ranking, so I would know how many tennis players I still needed to overtake in my quest for glory.

Federer - number 1 - like YahooI imagined a weekly notice from the tennis officials, telling me, Congratulations, your ranking has increased 143,643 places and you are now ranked 8,200,505th in the world.

Unfortunately, world tennis rankings don’t go past 2,000 so my dream of a world tennis ranking remains a dream. Not so, however, the almost as exciting dream of a world website ranking.

Alexa provides toolbars for popular web browsers. Install one, and Alexa will start telling you the ranking of every website you visit, while also adding your browsing habits to its statistics.

Nadal - number 2 - like GoogleThere are, of course, many problems with this method of ranking web sites, in particular, webmaster oriented sites get a huge advantage, but I prefer to ignore these trivial weaknesses, and instead concentrate on watching my website climb the rankings, pushing aside less awesome sites.

I’m not sure if visiting your own website yourself adds to your Alexa stats, but just to be sure I tend to visit Supernifty at least 1,000 times daily.

You should do the same. Visit Supernifty that is, not your own undeserving site.

The main problem with the Alexa ranking is knowing what a ranking really means. To help out on this, Supernifty has put together a simple table for evaluating your website, based on its Alexa ranking.

Simply look up your ranking, then check it against the table below.

Ranking Evaluation
15 million   You don’t even visit your own website? That’s embarassing.
5 million   OK, so now you’re visiting your own site.
3 million   Your Mum has also seen your website.
2 million   Your Mum has a dog, it likes to surf the net.
1 million   Your family and all family pets clearly are visiting your site.
500k   Your site is officially proper*.
200k   Your site is officially pretty good*.
20k   ur site is beats
5k   Congratulations! You are more popular than Hillary Clinton.
1500   Time to run for president. You just passed Barack Obama.
3-100   To reach the coveted top 100, your site will need that something special. If you’re not a mega software company, or owned by Google, your site must contain at least one of the following: social networking; zillions of sites combined; porn; illegal downloads; or image/video sharing. That’s a tip for reaching the top 100.
2   You are God
1   God has an Uncle?

So now you know how good your site is, and by extension, how good you are.

* Supernifty certified. Stickers available on request.

BMI Calculator – which celebrity are you?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Body Mass Index Calculator

Supernifty is pleased to announce the release of the BMI Calculator.

Find out if you are considered a healthy weight, and see which celebrity is shaped most like you!

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a simple method used to classify underweight, healthy and overweight adults.

Use our BMI Calculator to dynamically calculate your own BMI, and see a BMI chart showing your BMI status.

We’ve added a bunch of celebrity BMIs, so you can compare your shape to your favourite celebrity, and see which celebrity you are most like. It’s so much fun.

Which celebrity are you?

Happily, I am most like Orlando Bloom. Now just to acquire his other physical attributes, and his wealth and success…

Which celebrity are you?

Note that BMI is a very general method of assessing if you are a healthy weight; you can easily be outside the healthy BMI range and still be very healthy.

Unscheduled Downtime

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Mmmm downtime

Supernifty has just had some significant unscheduled downtime. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

No data has been lost, although some parts of the website may not be working perfectly as everything comes back online.

The data centre hosting the Supernifty servers had a serious fire and explosion, which took out three walls and involved the fire brigade. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

However, all 9500 servers in the data centre were taken offline as a result of the explosion. Supernifty was unavailable for around 24 hours. Bummer.

Good news: we’re back in action. And some thought to failover options will now be given.