BMI Calculator – which celebrity are you?

Body Mass Index Calculator

Supernifty is pleased to announce the release of the BMI Calculator.

Find out if you are considered a healthy weight, and see which celebrity is shaped most like you!

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a simple method used to classify underweight, healthy and overweight adults.

Use our BMI Calculator to dynamically calculate your own BMI, and see a BMI chart showing your BMI status.

We’ve added a bunch of celebrity BMIs, so you can compare your shape to your favourite celebrity, and see which celebrity you are most like. It’s so much fun.

Which celebrity are you?

Happily, I am most like Orlando Bloom. Now just to acquire his other physical attributes, and his wealth and success…

Which celebrity are you?

Note that BMI is a very general method of assessing if you are a healthy weight; you can easily be outside the healthy BMI range and still be very healthy.

10 Responses to “BMI Calculator – which celebrity are you?”

  1. Mel says:

    This awesome calculator and it really helps a lot.

  2. Laura says:

    I hate BMI calculators that just use height and weight to calculate your body mass… I do weight training 3 times a week, and even though I weigh 156 lbs, my BMI is definitely not 26

  3. peter says:

    Yep, BMI is only a rough indicator – you have to take into account your own circumstances – such as working out 3 times a week 🙂

  4. Nikkie says:

    I am a Colt Starter, I am mostly muscle with very little belly fat and I was in shock that the first thing I saw was 30.2 Obese (cass 1). That made me want to throw up my coffee I just had. There should be more things to factor in. Some people look like they weigh 135 and they really weigh 170 like me. I wear the same exact jeans I did at 135.

  5. peter says:

    Hi Nikkie – you’re right – muscle is heavier than fat, so if you’re fitter than average you’ll get put in the wrong category.

    I know a few people who are supposedly overweight when they really just have more muscle.

    If you put some Olympic athletes in there I bet many would show up as overweight!

  6. sindi says:

    I’m a victoria beckham , 🙂
    And happy for that

  7. Coral says:

    I got Beyonce and Tobey Maguire I don’t know if that’s good or not

  8. peter says:

    I’d be pretty happy with that 🙂

  9. Bruce says:

    BMI without waist size is absolute baloney. You should be ashamed for spewing such nonsense. A good general article is here –

  10. peter says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that this page is just for fun and not intended to convey any kind of health advice, considering the page says exactly that. Thanks for the link though in case anyone is concerned about their BMI.

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