Audio Tuner Mobile 0.8 released

Windows mobile instrument tuner
I’m pleased to announce the release of Audio Tuner Mobile 0.8.

Audio Tuner Mobile is a musical instrument tuner that runs on most Windows Mobile devices, including Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

The software actively tunes your instrument by providing feedback as you play the notes, and many instruments are covered: guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello and autoharp.

This release fixes a number of important issues related to landscape mobile phones, and adds a number of new tunings for the ukulele.

A summary of the main changes:

The new ukulele tunings:

  • D tuning: A D F# B
  • D tuning with low A
  • G tuning: D G B E

Feedback is welcomed.

For further details, including downloads, phone compatibility and tutorials, visit the Audio Tuner Mobile Homepage

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