Think yourself happy with crosswords

think pleasant thoughts
I regularly hear of the big wave of excitement surrounding the power of positive thinking, and the practically unbounded benefits such enthusiastic self-praise can bring to its practitioner.

I’ve always been somewhat sceptical, likening it to wearing rose-tinted glasses to convince yourself that your life is in fact awesome.

happy trekking in space
For instance, if you were stuck at the bottom of an erupting volcano, or had just been jettisoned into space, telling yourself that everything is going swimmingly is surely an exercise in self-deception.

However, perhaps there is something in it.

An experiment involved two groups of victims solving crosswords. For one group, the solution contained aggressive and impolite words, e.g. “obnoxious”, while the other group had nice, polite words in its solution.

On finishing, the subjects would return to the experimenter, only to find him busy in conversation. The true purpose of the experiment was to see which subjects would interrupt the experimenter.

Guess what? 6 out of 7 the polite group didn’t interrupt at all, and on average the one that did interrupt waited 9 minutes, whereas most of the rude group interrupted, typically in under 6 minutes.

And just from doing a crossword containing selected words.

It seems clear that the state of your mind, even if you’re unaware of it, has a big impact on how you act. And state of mind can make the difference between going for a once in a lifetime opportunity, and not taking that chance, and missing it forever.

So, I would suggest making a list of positive phrases and reading them before you start your day. Possibly reading them at the top of your lungs on the morning train.

Example lines:

I am a positive, confident person.
I live my life the best that I possibly can.
I like to visit Supernifty, it makes me glad and smiley.
I welcome today with a happy and open attitude.

Of course, other than no. 3, feel free to adapt to your own particular situation. Wow, I am feeling so madly positive from writing that I think I might go sing some opera on my roof.

There’s so little to lose, and potentially great gain. Try it every day for a week, and see what happens. You don’t even have to buy one of those crazy positive thinking books.

That’s right kemosabe, you can get everything you need, here at Supernifty.

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    I positively agree with you have an awesome day

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