Musical Instrument Tuner for Java Enabled Mobiles

Mobile Instrument Tuner

I’m pleased to announce the release of Audio Tuner for Java enabled mobiles, version 0.3. If you have a Java enabled mobile, e.g. Nokia or Sony, or most other recent mobiles, this means you. Now you can tune your musical instrument wherever you are.

OK, so this is an alpha release. And unfortunately, Supernifty doesn’t have a Java enabled phone to test against. If you try it out, please provide feedback.

Alternatively, if anyone has a mobile they’d like to donate or sell to Supernifty for testing purposes, please get in touch. There are apparently zillions of unused mobiles lying useless in drawers, awaiting such an opportunity.

If you like the idea of testing for money, check out Test Army. It’s a new Supernifty project, and it’s nearing beta. There’ll be tests available, and money to be earnt, in the near future.

But, in the meantime, try out the new audio tuner, and let Supernifty know if it works.

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