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Ukulele Chord Finder Released

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Chord Finder for Ukulele
Supernifty is pleased to release a new product: Chord Finder 0.1.

If you are occasionally somewhat vague on the fingering of a particular chord, then this new product is for you.

Chord Finder enables you to quickly look up a chord, then listen to it to make sure you are playing it correctly.

This is a very early release and we have lots of plans for expanding this product, including:

  • Supporting your favourite mobile device – no matter where you are, you’ll have your handy chord reference.
  • Save your chord progressions – an easy way to remember particular chords and songs.
  • Guitar chords – the plan is to add chords for other instruments and tunings. If you think you could help with this, please contact us
  • Something secret that adds an incredible amount of nift.

Please try it out (it’s free!), and keep an eye out for new versions. In the meantime, suggestions and feedback are much appreciated.