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Announcing Supernifty Playalong

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Supernifty is excited to announce that Supernifty PlayAlong is now available.

Playalong plays the song for you, while dynamically displaying chords and lyrics as the song progresses. It’s a combination of YouTube and the Supernifty chord finder.

It’s the easiest way to learn or practice a new song, or play along to an old favourite, with either your guitar or ukulele.

Easily move around the song with the video controls, and you can quickly transpose the song to any key.

Create your own playalong song for the Supernifty song database with the song authoring tools. Import either existing ChoPro files, or previously saved playalong files.

A number of enhancements are coming to Supernifty Playalong, including versions for the PC and Mac, and mobile versions, so you can play along to your favourite songs wherever you are. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, try it out! Feedback or questions are welcomed, especially if you are adding a new song.

Audio Tuner for the iPhone – 1.0

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

iPhone Tuner

Keep your musical instrument in tune with your iPhone.

Unlike other tuners on the market, Supernifty’s tuner provides the following goodness:

  • Full spectrum analysis – get as much detail as you need on your audio environment
  • Pitch pipe tone generation – confirm that you’ve tuned up correctly with a reference note
  • Tunings for many different musical instruments – new ones frequently added.

Download, screenshots and further details are

If you’d rather not open iTunes, read more online.

If you require further information, or wish to review this product, please contact Supernifty.

Chord Finder now has guitar chords

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Can you identify these somewhat uncommon guitar chords?

Good news, guitar players.

Supernifty’s Chord Finder now includes guitar chords.

Use the online guitar chord finder, or download version 0.2 of the PC version, for free offline guitar chord finding.

If you need to quickly look up the fingering for that pesky guitar chord, you can do it quickly and painlessly with the online guitar chord finder.

Feel free to check it out – any feedback is welcomed.