Track your website’s popularity

Supernifty is pleased to announce a new service that enables website owners to keep track of their website’s popularity.

Alexa assigns a world ranking to all the websites on the Internet, however, they only keep historical data for the top 100,000. So if your web site is outside the hallowed few, you can easily lose track of how your site has progressed over the weeks.

Bad week for Supernifty's site rankingSupernifty’s Website Ranking Tracker can do this for you. Once you’ve signed up, Supernifty will check your website’s ranking every day, enabling you to easily see how your site performs over time.

You can also download all historical data, for further analysis.

If you’d like to see how your site is faring in its journey towards world number 1, try it out.

It’s free for a month, then if you wish to continue using the service, upgrade for a very affordable fee.

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