The Biggest Loser – BMI data on your iPhone

If you watched the last Biggest Loser series, Biggest Loser Second Chances, you might be interested to know that you can now see each contestant’s before and after BMI position on the Celebrity BMI iPhone App.

Biggest Loser BMI data

Once you’ve fired up the app, simply click on “Download”, choose “Biggest Loser 2009” and voila, you have the Biggest Loser dataset available on Celebrity BMI. One thing that is immediately obvious is the spectacular amount of weight all contestants managed to lose, and how spectacularly unhealthy they were at the start of the show.

Whether you use this for your own inspiration, to compare to your own efforts or to marvel at what a motivated person is capable of, hopefully you’ll find this dataset useful. If there is sufficient interest, other Biggest Loser results will be added to the application.

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