OpenID available on Supernifty

No more passwords
Supernifty is pleased to announce OpenID as a login mechanism on its website.

OpenID is a scheme that allows users to login to Supernifty, by entering their login details at another site.

So if you already have an account with Google, Yahoo, AOL, or any other OpenID provider, you can now log in to Supernifty without having to set up yet another account, or create yet another password. Hurrah!

Handy for the Speed Scrabble players, and any of Supernifty’s other offerings requiring login, such as the time tracker, site ranker and lifestyle tracker.

Currently, only the most popular OpenID providers are listed – if you use a provider that you’d like to see listed, let us know.

Supernifty – saving you from remembering yet another login smile

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