New game options for Speed Scrabble

Some interesting game options have been added to Speed Scrabble.

Same Letters
An often requested feature has been for all players to receive the same letters, thus allowing a competition of pure skill. Well, it’s here. Find out for sure who is the best Speed Scrabble player!

If you don’t feel like playing against anyone else, be it so you can pursue that ridiculously long word, or are just learning the game, select the Private option, and nobody else can join your game. No more stressing about some guru coming in and ending your game.

Feel like a challenge? This option disallows 2-letter words, which makes for a surprisingly difficult game requiring planning and forethought.

If you’re tired of ultra fast Speed Scrabble, this will slow you down, and as a reward, winning with this option scores you many more points.

Further details about the new game options are at Speed Scrabble Help.

To access the new options, you will probably need to hit “Reload” on your browser, while on the Speed Scrabble page.

We’re hoping these will make for some interesting variations on the game. Feedback, problems or ideas regarding these new options (or anything else) are welcomed – do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts.

Why not try out the new game options right now?

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