Ultra Simple PHP Profiling – Hack it #8

We wanted to profile a few PHP scripts, so we tried xdebug, but there were a few issues:

  • Not suitable for a production server
  • Difficult to turn on/off for specific scripts and requests
  • Difficult to profile MySQL queries, without also attracting a mass of other data

xdebug is better for offline application profiling.

If you just want to track down a bottleneck, or see what your script is spending all its time doing, here’s a simple alternative.

To profile your SQL, replace mysql_query with mysql_queryx.

This generates a CSV file at /tmp/profile.1 for easy analysis.

Now create the file profile.php:

Too easy!

To stop profiling a page, set $profile = false.

If you’re concerned about performance, do something like $profile = rand(0, 100) > 99.

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