Play Speed Scrabble on your iPad

Exciting news! Speed Scrabble is now compatible with the iPad. Yeeha!

Speed Scrabble iPad

To play Speed Scrabble on the iPad, just drag the letters around with your fingers to form words. Too easy!

Your iPad might just give you the competitive advantage over your mouse-based opponents… or simply a more enjoyable way to brush up on your word skills.

If you have an iPad, please try out the updated Speed Scrabble game.

As always, feedback is welcome… we are aware that the background grid can get a little messed up during play on the iPad, this shouldn’t interfere with the game play.

We hope to tweak the iPad experience in future releases – and potentially release an iPad app.

Now, go try it out! Happiness is word games

2 Responses to “Play Speed Scrabble on your iPad”

  1. Toks says:

    is there an android version or plans for an android version?

  2. peter says:

    There isn’t an Android version yet – I would definitely love to do an Android version but unfortunately due to other commitments it probably won’t happen for a while… next year at the earliest :(. If you know anyone interested in writing one, put them in touch 🙂

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