Crossword Solver 0.5 released

Crossword Puzzle Solver
Supernifty is pleased to announce version 0.5 of Crossword Puzzle Solver.

We’ve added some requested new functionality.

Custom Word Lists
It is now possible to add your own word lists to the crossword solver. Useful if you want to

  • add a new language,
  • have a particular niche set of words, or
  • just want to add something that you think is missing.

To add a word list, you just need to create a file, where each line is in the format “word,definition”.

Then click Definitions->Add… to add your definitions. It’s then easy to enable and disable the word lists you wish to include in your search.

If you happen to create a word list that you think might be useful to others, please let Supernifty know and we can publish your word list.

Ignore Spaces
Sometimes you might want to search for words and ignore any spaces. There’s now an option to do this.

Crossword Solver and all updates are free. Next time you run the software you should be prompted to update. If not, click Help->Check for Updates.

Feedback is always welcome.

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