Regular expression and Javascript Text Transformation Library

Regex LibrarySupernifty has a new resource – Text Transformer. It’s a handy place to keep JavaScript text transformations and regular expressions.

If you’ve ever spent time building a complicated regular expression or transformation, check out this new page. Building regular expressions is tricky enough that you should only have to do it once, or not at all.

If someone hasn’t already built a regex that does what you want, submit yours to the site so that you can use it again later.

The site uses JavaScript to build the transformations, full source code for each transformation is available for perusal and modification – a useful learning resource.

You can also chain transformations together. For example, chain Extract Text from HTML with Word count to get the word count of a HTML page. Handy!

Keep track of new transformations with the rss feedRSS feed

We also have an API available so potentially the tool could be integrated into other applications. If you have ideas, or want to learn more, please contact us.

This will increasingly become a useful resource for JavaScript developers and regex writers, as well as anyone needing to do tricky text transformations – watch this spacesmile

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