Audio Tuner for Windows 1.6 released

Supernifty is pleased to announce that version 1.6 of Audio Tuner (Windows) has been released.

Tune your musical instrument

Lots of cool new things, including:

  • New alternate bass guitar tunings (Drop D, Drop C, Low B, 5-string)
  • Proper tone generation on lower frequencies
  • Tunings for the tahitian ukulele and the 8 course renaissance lute (!!)
  • Improved accuracy on the spectrum analysis
  • Nice color coding for at-a-glance tuning
  • Price Cut on life time updates to the software!


Audio Tuner is a free download – get it or learn more about Audio Tuner.

If you have feedback or suggestions for improving Audio Tuner, please contact Supernifty.

One Response to “Audio Tuner for Windows 1.6 released”

  1. Joe Gremeky says:

    Hey, thanks that is pretty cool, and the price is right. Been playing with it for the last hour.

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