New MemShot features – email reminders, progress reports, timed challenges and more

Some handy new features have been added to MemShot.

What’s MemShot?

It’s a Spaced Repetition system built on flashcards.

Spaced Repetition is a memory system developed to help memorize things as efficiently as possible.

There are a number of flashcard systems out there, but here are a few features of MemShot that most of the others don’t have:

Email Reminders

We all need a little help with the motivation sometimes, but it only takes a few minutes each day to keep your memory sharp.

MemShot can remind you to practice daily and let you know what needs work.

MemShot practice reminder

Weekly Progress

Each week, MemShot sends you a progress report so you can bask in the glory of your path to mastery.

MemShot progress report

Daily Tracking

MemShot is now integrated with Supernifty’s goal tracker.

This tool helps you track what you are doing every day and form new habits. Learn more about goal tracker.

Timed Challenges

Having as long as you like to answer a question is not the same as the pressure of a real life situation of needing to be able to recall something immediately. For example, when you are speaking a foreign language, the other person is unlikely to have infinite patience.

Enter timed challenges.

MemShot timed challenges

Once a certain level of proficiency is reached, time limits are introduced.

MemShot timed challenge

Many people find the pressure of a time limit confronting – great practice for real life situations which typically include pressure to perform.

Shared Sets with Updates

Share your set by clicking the pencil next to “Private”.

Find public sets by clicking more learning sets.

MemShot now supports notifications – if an imported set has new items added to it you’ll get an icon next to that set to import the updates.

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