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Book Review – Confessions of a Public Speaker

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Confessions of a Public Speaker provides a glimpse into the world of public speaker Scott Berkun.

This relatively short book consists of a series of amusing public speaking related anecdotes – typically some unpleasant event personally experienced by Scott – followed by some advice on how to prevent said unpleasant experience from happening to you.

The book was interesting and a little addictive – I always wanted to turn the page to see what sticky situation Scott would be in next. The book also contained a range of practical public speaking tips.

I particularly enjoyed the final chapter – a compilation of public speaking stories sent in by other speakers – some of the stories were seriously hilarious.

Even if you’re not a professional public speaker, it still makes for a quick, light-hearted read. Everyone has to speak publicly occasionally and this book contains plenty of useful advice.

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