WordNerd for web

Word Nerd, Supernifty’s crossword solver, is now available as a web application.

Try it out at Word Nerd. No installation required. Available on both desktop and mobile.

On first visit, a substantial download is required (approximately 30Mb), but with browser caching, subsequent visits are fast to start up.

As with the installable version of Word Nerd, the web version enables three main functions:

  • Find words matching a pattern: e.g. find all words matching “m..k.y”
  • Find anagrams of a word: e.g. find all anagrams of “read”
  • Find words contained in a word’s definition: e.g. find all words that contain “carbon dioxide” in its definition.

You can easily use Word Nerd to solve crosswords, or simply as a searchable offline dictionary.

Find matching words

Find anagrams

The web app is a little slower than the installed version of Word Nerd (particularly the definition search) but still quite usable for those final pesky crossword clues.

This is the first release of the software so may have a few rough edges. Any problems, please raise an issue over at https://github.com/supernifty/wordnerd/issues.

If you’re interested in the implementation, the source code is available at https://github.com/supernifty/wordnerd/

Try it out!

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