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Helping the world through microlending

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Supernifty likes helping others out, especially those who really need it. Microlending is one way to do this.

Microlending involves lending a small amount – sometimes just a few dollars – to someone just to help get their business off the ground.

In developing countries, often this is all that is needed to get a viable business up and running. The recipient starts earning money, can pay back the loan, and can help bring their whole family out of poverty. Children can afford to go to school, get proper jobs, and the cycle of poverty is broken.

Kiva is a well-known microlender. One of Kiva’s founders gave a good explanation of how this works.

Interested? Well then, try it out.

You can lend as little as $25, and since the loan is (typically) repaid, you get to help someone out and improve our world a little – for next to nothing. Brilliant!

Visit Kiva to learn more.

Find a climate action group

Friday, July 6th, 2007

google mapIf you think you can’t do much as an individual to limit climate change, then consider joining a climate change action group. It’s a chance to talk to like minded people about the best way forward. Climate movement has a google map of climate change action groups so you can find a local one.

Supernifty maintains a map of climate change and ethics related events, results and retailers. Anything to help save the planet. If you’ve got an upcoming event, achieved something great, or sell something worthy, let us know.

Climate Prediction

Friday, June 29th, 2007

climateprediction.netClimate change is a complicated science. Predicting how much things might change is difficult. This is referred to as “sensitivity” in the business and is crucial to how we respond to the issue of climate change.

After all, if the climate changes only marginally to increased greenhouse gases – say less than 2 degrees – then perhaps we are over-reacting. But if the climate changes by a lot, then we should be pulling out all the stops to avoid catastrophe. is a distributed software application that uses many computers to do climate modelling. You can sign up your computer to help the scientists run their modelling software. Any spare CPU cycles on your computer can be dedicated to helping predict climate change.

It doesn’t cost anything, you just have to install some software, and it all happens in the background. Your contribution is recorded on a leaderboard, and you can also check out which countries are helping the most. They also have teams. If you don’t have a team, join the super nifty team!

So sign-up at and help save the world. And get a cool screen saver.