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Tune your guitar, ukulele or other musical instrument with Audio Tuner

Monday, January 7th, 2008

I’m pleased to announce the first release of Audio Tuner.

Audio Tuner listens to your guitar, ukulele or other musical instrument through your computer’s microphone and tells you if the note is too flat or too sharp. Adjust your instrument and see the frequency change in real-time on the screen until it is pitch perfect.

This is a much more accurate way to tune your instrument than using the sites that simply play the note for you.

Audio Tuner is free and open source. I tried a number of other guitar tuner programs and was disappointed, so I wrote this one. Feel free to download and try it out. Feedback is welcome.

I’m very amenable to adding new instruments to the tuner, let me know if you’d like something added.

Audio Tuner is written using Python.

Follow this link for all the details, including screenshots, downloads, forums, help and more.