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Paralympics 2008 – where do our paralympians come from?

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

paralympic medal map

How great are our paralympic athletes? Their efforts at the Beijing Paralympics have been incredible. Their stories, hardships and sacrifices have been at times heartbreaking, but more often inspirational.

In short, it’s been very good.

Further to Supernifty’s map of Olympics medallists, Supernifty is proud to announce a similar deal for the Paralympics medallists.

Using this map, you can see where all our local heroes hail from. If you’re considering setting up a tickertape parade, rock concert or air-force flyover in their honour, this is a chance to check that you are in the right town.

OK, so that last paragraph was sheer silliness.

But you should check out where our Beijing Paralympics medallists come from.

The map will be updated daily as more medals are won, until the conclusion of the games, so feel free to check it frequently.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Hot stuffSo, the ABC is screening The Great Global Warming Swindle. It showed earlier this year in the UK and caused quite a stir.

The show contains many factual errors. It also appears to deliberately mislead the audience. I would think that in measuring the quality of a documentary, telling lies and misleading the audience would give it pretty low marks. It’s a shame the ABC has decided to show a documentary that is obviously not up to scratch.

After the fake moon landings, and 9/11 conspiracy shows, it’s clear these shows can be very persuasive. Believing in those other conspiracies is kind of fun, but believing in this one could result in our own demise. Bummer!

After the show, Tony Jones is going to get stuck into the writer and director Martin Durkin, which should prove entertaining. And the scientists who actually specialise in climate change will get a chance to balance the ledger.

It’s unfortunate that this show gives the impression of doubt. Because in reality there is so very little.