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Chord finder in action

Try out Supernifty's free chord finder for ukuleles.

Now you can quickly and easily find and hear that elusive ukulele chord.


  • Guitar chords!
  • Banjo chords!


 (version 0.6)

Run the downloaded software to install it on your PC.


Comments and suggestions are welcomed, so please feel free to contact Supernifty

Release History

27-may-12 version 0.6

  • Show chord vertically (traditional view)

26-feb-11 version 0.5

  • Option to flip chord view

21-jun-10 version 0.4

  • Added banjo chords

12-aug-09 version 0.3

  • Fixed an incorrect chord

27-feb-09 version 0.2

  • Added guitar chords
  • Automatically check for updates

8-dec-08 version 0.1

  • initial release

Coming Soon!

We have lots of exciting plans for this brand new Supernifty offering.

Here's a sample:

  • Chords for other instruments
  • Save chord progressions
  • Versions for your mobile

Oh the excitement!

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