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Supernifty offers a simple way to track your site's ranking and popularity over time.

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How it works

Supernifty obtains the Alexa site ranking of your website each day and builds a graph of your site's ranking.

Alexa only keeps historical data for the top 100,000 sites, so if your site is outside the top 100,000, Supernifty's service enables you to keep track of your site's ranking over time. This enables you to analyze trends and evaluate the effect of changes to your site.

As Supernifty gets a daily site ranking, it may take up to 24 hours before ranking data appears.

Free Version

Try it out for free for a month. You can track up to three sites.


Upgrade your site ranking account.


  • Ensure continuous site ranking data
  • Track up to 10 sites

Just $4.95/yr - Bargain!

More nift

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  • Download all your historical site data

Support and Questions

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