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Speed Scrabble (also known as Take Two!) is a fast-paced game that involves trying to form connected words more quickly than your opponents. You can play Speed Scrabble as either single player or multiplayer.


Step 1 - Join a Game

Once you've logged in, go ahead and join an existing game, or create your own new game.

Join a game

Step 2 - Start a Game

Click "Start Game" when you're ready to start the game.

Players start with 7 letters. Try to arrange them as quickly as possible into connected words. Once you've connected your letters, they'll be sent up to the server for evaluation. If they are all connected into real words, congratulations! You've won the round.

Objective: Form connected words

Step 3 - Win the game

Each new round sends 2 new letters to each player. Try to incorporate these letters and form a new set of connected words.

There are 10 rounds in a game. Whoever wins the last round wins the game.

Objective: Win the game

Now go play Online Speed Scrabble!


If you can't connect all your letters into real words, click on "Give up on round". If all players give up on the round, the round will be advanced.

Playing Online Speed Scrabble in Detail

Signing Up

If you're not a member, go Sign Up. Make sure you enter a nickname!

Logging In

Enter your email address and password to log in to Online Speed Scrabble.

Joining a game

Once you're logged in, you'll see games that have already started, and those that are waiting to start. It's a lot easier to join a game from the start.

If you want to play on your own, or can't see any games you'd like to join, enter a game name and create a new game.


  • Starting: when you're ready to start playing, click "Start Game". Only the game creator can start the game, otherwise the game will eventually start automatically.
  • Giving up: if you cannot form a connected set of words, click "Give up on round" to get another two letters. After 90 seconds, the round advances automatically.
  • Leaving the game: you can leave the game at any time, though it is polite to try to finish the game. The tables can turn quickly in Speed Scrabble, and you'll improve your game if you try to work through difficult situations. If you accidentally leave a game, you can still rejoin the game by finding it in the game list.
  • Playing again: once the game is over, all players are given the option of playing again. If you're with a group you like playing with, then why not "Play again"?


Supernifty's Online Speed Scrabble includes scoring.

In brief:

  • you only score points if you win the round - i.e. you must connect all your letters first
  • you score points for winning a round,
  • you score lots of points for winning the final round,
  • you score more points for winning rounds against competitive opponents,
  • you score more points for winning rounds with longer words.

You must finish a game to earn points.


Speed Scrabble includes achievements or trophies that you earn for doing something nifty.

You'll earn a trophy if you:

  • win a round with a 5 letter word (bronze)
  • win a round with a 6 letter word (bronze)
  • win a round with a 7 letter word (silver)
  • win a round with a 8 letter word (silver)
  • win a round with a 9 letter word (gold)
  • win a round with a 10 letter word (gold)
  • win all 10 rounds (lightning)
  • win a game in French (flag)


The creator of a game can set game options:

Same Letters or Different Letters

In traditional Speed Scrabble, each player gets different letters, however, you may want more of a "head-to-head" battle and have each player receive the same letters.

Private or Public

If you'd rather play alone, set the game to Private and nobody can join your game.

Any Word Length or 3 Letters+

Try the challenge of building a crossword with no 2 letter words. This results in a slower, more thoughtful game, and scores more points.


As well as English, you can also play Speed Scrabble in French.


If you encounter a problem playing the game, have a suggestion, or would like further information, please Contact Supernifty.


How are valid words decided?

The word list is based on the Official Scrabble Tournament Word List - TWL06

How to uninstall the Safari extension

  • Safari->Preferences->Extensions
  • Select Speed Scrabble Notifier, then either Disable or Uninstall

Known Issues

The letters are misaligned and don't match the grid

  • If you are using Safari or Chrome, try View->Actual Size
  • If you are using Firefox, try View->Zoom->Reset

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